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Rodney T. Abbas: An RU Icon

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The passing of an RU Icon...
Rodney Thomas Abbas
January 4, 1942 ~ August 13, 2013

Rename the Gymnasium in Rodney's Honor
Sign the petition now on!

  • The RU Board of Education denied our request at the June 12th, 2017 meeting and we need your support.
  • We will keep trying to get this passed, but 4 board members turned it down.
  • Read more about it on the petition page on! will be forever missed by many.

"Rodney", born Rodney Thomas Abbas (Class of '63), was known to many around Redford Union as an icon, a fixture of RU sports, a sweetheart, and most of all, our #1 fan. For more than 40 years Rodney could be found at almost every Redford Union event, supporting his favorite school and teams! His positive attitute, smile and always giving the thumbs up was a true inspiration many. Unfortunately, after dealing with many health issues, he has passed away at the age of 71. Rodney, may you rest in peace, you will be forever missed by many.

A message from the family to the Redford Community:
"On behalf of the Rodney Abbas' family we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Redford community for your overwhelming outpouring of love and support. Rodney was unforgettable. He taught us all grace, kindness and enthusiasm. Our lives were blessed by his friendship. Godspeed Rodney. Smile."
- Chuck and Barb Joseph

The Redford Union Alumni Association would like to do it's part in assisting with covering some of the expenses for Rodney's funeral. Proceeds from your donation will help cover portions of the funeral costs for Rodney. We will continue to accept donations to this great cause for additional fundraising to honor "Rodney" in as many ways we can. Whether it be through creating a scholarship, donations to the RU arts/athletics departments or something else. We would like to do something by homecoming, so please keep the donations coming. If you have ideas, please include them in the message on your donations

Rodney Abbas
John Pullum & Rodney Abbas
Rodney Abbas
Rodney Abbas
Rodney Abbas In Memory Sign
Rodney Abbas - Fire Truck
Rodney Abbas being carried into Our Lady of Loretto
Remember Rodney Our Lady Of Loretto

What people are saying about Rodney:

"There are many famous people in the world that you know by one name. You don't need to hear a last name to get a picture of this person in your mind. Elvis, Madonna, Usher, Prince, ... For people that went to Redford Union in the past 40+ years, Rodney is a name we all knew. He was R.U.'s biggest fan. Rodney, often with his sidekick Jimmy, would be at just about every Redford Union event. You'd see him at the plays, at the games, EVERYWHERE. He rooted for R.U. and wanted to talk with everyone that would listen. Everyone knew him by his first name, but most didn't know his last name was Abbas. I got the sad news today that Rodney passed away last night or this morning. Redford Union won't be the same without him. Rest in peace Rodney Abbas. You'll be missed."
- John Pullum

"In suburbs like Redford, where I grew up, the community is woven together by its residents alone. No one person was a more binding tie to this capacity than Rodney Abbas, Redford Union High School's very own version of "Radio". Rodney was RU's biggest fan and linked more than 40+ years of Redford residents and students. Rodney passed away last night after multiple health issues. I'd like to make the suggestion that RU retire the number 1 for his big "thumbs up" he always gave EVERYBODY. This one is for Rodney, RU's all time #1 booster and perhaps the greatest Panther of all time. May he rest in peace."
-Ryan Ghedotte

"rodneys shoes:by walking in the footsteps of others we all travel pathways of our own.The trace one leaves behind often give us pause, as travelers we come to get support from those who while alive follow a course with purpose and pride....
pride...thank you Mr.Abbas"
-Rick Bunker

"I have many good memories over many years, both mine and my kids...I know he is now in the warm embrace of the God of love...a good man that is missed...see you later Rodney at the Festival of Friends"
-Jim Taylor

"It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Rodney Abbas early this morning.

Rodney as many of you know was the adopted son of the Redford Township Fire Department nearly all of his life.  At Redford Union, former Firefighters recalled attending high school with Rodney and proudly sharing the bond of being one of “Rodney’s Rockets”. Firehouse daily life was not complete without several phone calls daily from Rodney nor were parties or other functions considered fully attended without someone stopping and picking-up Rodney.

Rodney left his mark in the lives and hearts of so many inand around Redford Township.  Rodney’s challenges in life were farover shadowed by his friendly disposition, playful spirit and love of his hometown, high school, Telway, Redford Coney and his Firefighters.

Gods speed Rodney."

-Thomas A. Graham - Fire Chief; Redford Twp. Fire Department

Past Information:

Funeral arrangements: (detailed info)
Visiting hours: Sunday August 19th from 3:00pm - 8:00pm with 7:00pm scripture service.
Charles R. Step Funeral Home ~ 18425 Beech Daly Rd. | Redford, MI | 48240

Instate: Monday August 20th at 9:30am-10:00am Mass with Rev. JJ Mech officiating.
Our Lady of Loretto Church ~ 17116 Olympia | Redford, MI | 48240



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Rodney: RU's #1 Fan!
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